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Remember how much we all enjoyed the Bob-curated vintage pop telly season at the Barbican last summer? Well, he's doing another one, this time themed around fictional portrayals of pop life. I suggest booking yr tickets with all haste, I think each screening in the last season pretty much sold out.
As for the films themselves; of all of them I'm only familiar with "Jumping Bean Bag", though the Fabulous Stains film is pretty legendary as -amongst other things- the inspiration for The White Stripes. With a cast list including Ray Winstone, Laura Dern, Steve Jones, Paul Cook & Paul Simonon, it's difficult to see how it can go wrong.
It's a-gonna be great.

I also recommend you visit the current Richard Long exhibition at the Haunch Of Venison (possibly my favourite gallery name ever). It's hard not to say "more of the same", but his work is so unique (give or take Hamish Fulton), and...I dunno, the image in my head of this guy trekking round the most remote places in the world (and west Penwith) in the name of art & beauty is so utterly perfect. The fact that the photos, texts and constructions are so evocative is really just a bonus.

In other news, I recently picked up one of those 8-ban micro record players that I've been looking for. Not the ideal colour combination, but better than nothing I guess, and thankfully it just about plays my collection of hip-pocket 45s too. Anyone know where I can pick up any of the associated 45 releases?

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