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Sorry to moan, but it's what I do best.

Djed for the first time in yonks at How Does It Feel To be Loved on friday. Not sure entirely how successful it was: the amount of grief I received from punters with unfulfilled requests for Belle and Sebastian/The Killers/Kaiser Chiefs would tend to indicate it was a total waste of time (I can't believe how mainstream the clientele of that club has become...). But a Kiwi girl came up to me after I played Heavenly Pop Hit to ask if I had any more Flying Nun stuff as hearing The Chills had made her night. Which kind of made *my* night.

Twice As Much w/Vashti Bunyan: The Coldest Night Of The Year
Rachel Sweet: BABY
XTC: This Is Pop
Todd Rundgren: I Saw The Light
Barbra Streisand: Stoney End
Beach Boys: Break Away
The Left Banke: Desiree
The Byrds: Lady Friend
Nazz: Open My Eyes
Mr Bloe: Groovin' With Mr Bloe
Osmonds: One Bad Apple
Phoenix: Too Young
Aztec Camera: Walkout To Winter
Orange Juice: Blue Boy
Trash Can Sinatras: Obscurity Knocks
Pipettes; It Hurts To See You Dance So Well
Talulah Gosh: My Boy Says
Girls At Our Best: Fast Boyfriends
Breakaways: That's How It Goes
Bodines: Heard It All
McCarthy: Write To Your MP Today
The Chills: Heavenly Pop Hit
Close Lobsters: Just Too Bloody Stupid
BMX Bandits: I Wanna Fall In Love
Teenage Fanclub: Ain't That Enough?
Primal Scream: It Happens
Dana Gillespie: You Just Gotta Know My Mind
Fire: Father's Name Is Dad
Them: I Can Only Give You Everything

Given the club's remit, this seems like a pretty mainstream set to me. Yet the dance floor remained sparsely populated throughout (except Rupert & his girlfriend, who danced to pretty much everything. Thanks, people). Oh well, it was nice to be asked, but I don't suppose it'll happen again in a hurry.

On an unrelated -and very obscure- note, does anyone know how many Edward VIII pillar boxes there are in London/England? I saw one today, and it seemed so unlikely. But what a beautiful thing it was...
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