small-circle-of-friends (small_circle) wrote,

how does it feel to be the last resort?

It comes as something of a surprise to me, but I appear to be playing records at this friday's how does it feel to be loved?. Apparently The Legend was scheduled to guest dj, but he's pulled out at the last minute, so Ian has asked me at ultra short notice. I thought I might as well say yeah, even though I've been to the club maybe once in the past year, and not djed there since the heady days when the clubnight was held on thursdays. Ah, them were t'days. Anyway, please all come along as I have no idea who goes to the club these days & I probably won't know anyone. Any requests? (excepte for "please don't play a half-hour's worth of 60s Bee Gees records like you did last time." Hmm..That'll be why it's taken this long to be asked back, I guess...)

Oh yeah, it's at the Phoenix on Cavendish Square.

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