small-circle-of-friends (small_circle) wrote,

Saw Roddy Frame at the Bloomsbury Theatre last week, and was so impressed that sarah & I decided to catch his show in the North West on Saturday night. Not in Liverpool or Manchester. Oh no. He wasn't playing Liverpool or Manchester. He was playing Holmfirth; the quaint, charming Peak District town whose main claim to fame is being the location of Last of The Summer Wine. Still, The Picturedrome is a splendid venue; a turn-of-the-last-century cinema, converted to a multi-purpose's-still-a-cinema-too. You have to buy your tickets from the tourist information bureau, and they look like this. Beat that, ticketweb.
The show, naturally, was wonderful, with plenty of the bonhomie and playfulness that was missing from the London date. Provincial shows y'see: the pressure's off.

During the journey up we decided to make a detour to see Antony Gormley's Another Place. A quite breathtaking piece it is too, and even though every Liverpudlian seemed to be walking their dog across the huge expanse (nearly two miles) of beach that Another Place inhabits, the feelings of solitude & of the passage of time (marked by the tidal change while we were there) were all-enveloping. Photos

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