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Ooh! Another music me-me!

I think I did one of these not so long ago, but at the request of steviecat, here's my Pick seven songs that you're into right now. List them. Pick seven friends who have to repeat this process. List them.

Carlos Mendes: Penina. In late 1968, Paul McCartney spent some time on holiday in Portugal. One night he returned to his hotel somewhat the worse for wear to find a band playing in the hotel bar. Being Mister Music, Macca joined them for a few numbers, improvising this number which he later gave to local Portugese singer Carlos Mendes. The song itself is *exactly* the kind of thing you'd expect Macca to write in 1968 if he were drunk and carried away on the thrill of the moment. Melodic and meaningless, but casual genius written all over it. "Let's go home...thank you from Paul."

Merry-Go-Round: Pardon Me. From RevOla's new comp.

The Nerve: It Is. Somewhat obscure Van Dyke Parks composition for UK freakbeat-sters, produced by Reg Presley. Van Dyke Parks: Reg Presley. Two names that rarely occur in the same sentence.

Tan Sleeve: Maria Bartiromo. Ultra-shiny Fanclub power pop, from a stack of CDs just sent to me by Brian at Bus Stop. Brian's great, so is this. A hymn to (google tells me) the stock market reporter at CNBC. Thus, it's the song I always hoped Josh Gennet would write.
(searches google a little more...) Hey! She's kinda hot!

William Campbell & Kevin MacNeil: Local Man Ruins Everything. Fantastic bit of spoken-word thing about growing up in the middle of nowhere (Stornoway in this case). "Failure is like nostalgia, just insincere. It happened there. It brings us here. There is nothing but: we're here, we're here." Ivor Cutler if he were signed to Sarah Records.

Matt Monro: We're Gonna Change The World. Early Bowie-as-Tony-Newley-style heavy protest statement from the English Frank Sinatra. "Come With Us! Run With Us!" How can you resist?! The sound of Radio 2 playing in the kitchen in my pre-school years.

Ricardo Montalban: La Campanilla. Another spoken word thing, this one's about remote Chilean villages, church bells and children getting lost in the hills. What makes this one outstanding is the incredible orchestration (an early Randy Newman job: he wrote it too), a homage to Charles Ives and the Hollywood composers of the 40s and 50s. Effortlessly evocative, it basically indicates that Newman's progress between this (1968) and ...I dunno, Toy Story 2 has been precisely nil.

C'mon, let's here from Augstone, Backtomono, Bubblegumpurism, catbo, fatsothewombat, my_name_is_anna, teknoalice. You're it!

In other news, I guess we're all up for the Stockhausen at Billingsgate concert. Anyone found any tickets yet?
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