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They vacuum up, your mum and dad.

My parents have been visiting London for a few days, so they've been showing me what to do in this marvellous city. Whenever they come to town, they make me seem like a part-timer. Thus, in the past four days, they've seen three plays, one Prom concert and lord knows how many exhibitions. It's great that they're still enthusiastic about London & what it has to offer, but ferchrissakes, slow down, you'll do yourself an injury at your age. To be honest, given the events of the past few weeks, I'm impressed that they had the courage to visit, but it seems they know no fear.
So on Saturday I took them to see Death Of A Salesman, probably the best play I've ever seen; Brian Dennehy's performance was just so moving, though there were moments in the plot that felt a little too close to home. Then on Sunday -after a grim meal at the Albert Hall's brasserie- we all went to the performance of Elgar's The Dream of Gerontius at the Proms. I don't get out to classical concerts too often (normally coinciding with parental visits), and there's really no excuse, cos there were moments in this that were as moving as any live music I've heard this year. It's mainly the massed voice stuff that gets me...and there were loads of dramatic choral crescendos (-di?) in sunday's performance. Wonderful stuff, though I still have trouble with solo sopranos. Or as I still prefer to call them, horrible screetching women. Vibrato: who needs it?

hospitalsoup, is it time for another educational comp?
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