April 13th, 2006


Are "friends" electric?

Been neglecting this thing for awhile. I wonder why? I guess it's partly because I've recently succumbed to social pressures ha ha & opened a myspace account. Now that it's a year past it being perceived as cool (and now that it's controlled by a scumbag media mogul), I think it's safe for me to do such things.

Funny old thing, myspace, innit? I never thought I'd take to livejournal, but I've been here for two-and-a-half years on & off, & check friends entries most days. I wouldn't want to base my life around it, but I've met some great people here & I'm glad it's around. Myspace, though....it's a funny old thing. Sorry if this sounds hopelessy quaint or out-of-touch but does it somehow devalue the concept of "friendship"? I'm quite glad I don't have 5224 friends, and I don't think my life would be any more complete than if I had 5223 or, say, 25. I guess one has to divide one's friends & one's life between the online world and the offline world (or "real life" as it's known), but even so it just seems kind of scary. Using friendship as merely a points scoring thing; as a bar graph of one's popularity. I guess there's plenty of people who have always viewed friendship as just that.

Still, 68 and counting!! And where else could you find The Mayfields and The Haywains? Jeez, *everyone* has one of these things...

In other news: is anyone going to the Arts Club on saturday for the "let's pretend it's the good old days down the Arts Club" day w/Tender Trap et al?
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